Breath Coaching

Learning to use your breath to balance the nervous system and manage symptoms of stress and anxiety is one of the most effective ways of improving health. My role as a breath coach is to guide you to explore and optimise your breath. Incorporating breath work into your daily routine can help condition your nervous system to easily transition between energising, balancing and relaxing states while also improving concentration and focus.

Breath work helps to:

  • calm the nervous system and reduce stress
  • boost the immune system
  • bring more focus and awareness to your daily life and exercise programmes
  • support posture
  • manage muscular tension
  • boost energy levels
  • balance mood swings
  • alleviate digestive issues
  • improve sleep

Please contact me for more details on one-to-one 30 minute sessions either online or in person.

“We simply need to breathe in a way that is appropriate for the conditions we find ourselves in, and this should be an autonomic process, not a cognitive one. However, we often find – if we seek to notice – that we unintentionally compromise our breathing, and therefore our ability to respond to life’s demands.”

Peter Blackaby: intelligent Yoga, Casita Press 2018

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