Backcare Programme

This is a lovely programme of one-hour sessions each week, designed to help alleviate back pain through gentle movement and relaxation.

The programme is based on one devised by health professionals and Dru Yoga therapists. It
works in a holistic way by focussing on whole body movement.

• The physical practice of yoga targets the whole musculoskeletal system.
• Breath work helps to regulate the respiratory and nervous systems
• The combination of the two brings both body and mind into a relaxed, focussed state, which has wonderful benefits for the spine.

The classes follow a similar structure each week with progressive variations and additions. Standing warm-up movements, which encourage the spine to move through its natural ranges of extension, flexion, lateral bending and twisting, are followed by mat work to strengthen the core and back muscles, and finally deep relaxation with breath work.

Who is this class for?
Anyone suffering from mechanical back pain or stiffness. No yoga experience is necessary. I will ask you to complete a health questionnaire before beforehand and if you suffer from a diagnosed condition or have experienced trauma to the spine, please seek advice from a physician/back specialist before taking part.

Booking is in blocks of five sessions and I run two programmes of five sessions each term. You can book a drop-in session if there is space in the class.

Class Schedule
Monday evenings 18:00-19:00 at Jacksons Lane, Highgate N6
Other timings possible during the day. Please contact me for more details.

I also offer one-to-one sessions at my garden studio in Highgate. Please contact me for more details.

Your course is ideal for people like me with limited mobility in my lower back and often chronic pain. The gentle exercise routine definitely makes a difference and leaves me feeling relaxed, restored and rested.

– Paul

The benefits set in immediately. …and the improved mobility has continued. I’ve needed fewer painkillers since the sessions and had some blissful nights’ sleep afterwards.

– Kate  

In general, there has already been some improvement in my back…  after each session, including when I do it on my own in the morning, it feels less stiff – so that’s got to be good.

– Mick 

Contact me for more details or to book a class